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Schalchen is an old estate. In the Middle Ages it was jointly managed with the Mitterndorf estate as a feudal possession of the “Royal Abbey of Frauenchiemsee” (“Königlich Stift und Adelich Kloster Frauenchiemsee”). The "Schalchners" were first mentioned in Monastic Document No. 15 dated September 18, 1265. In this document "Otto von Aschau bequeaths his noble serf Ottiglia, daughter of the Knight of Dorfpach and housewife of Rüdiger de Schalhen to St. Mary in Nonnenwerde (Fraueninsel)" passes.

In 1395 the Schalchners forfeit the feudal possessions of Schalchen and Mitterndorf. The last (indebted) owner of these estates bearing the family name was Henry the Schalchner of Baden (to where he had defected). Over time, ownership of Schalchen and Mitterndorf changes several times. Owners included several very high-ranking families, so that the management of the estates could not have been the main reason for acquiring them. When, in 1407 the opportunity arose for the Abbey at Frauenchiemsee to purchase the estates, the Abbess Katharina did so to prevent any further speculation. In 1491 Frauenchiemsee Abbey was ravaged by fire and large parts were razed to the ground. The Abbess Magdalena Auer von Winkl had to spend huge amounts to restore the abbey and was forced to borrow money wherever she could. As a result she was obliged to pay a tithe to the priest of Gollenshausen for a loan secured against the Mitterndorf estate and a "Schachwartt of Lake Chiemsee" received a tithe from the Schalchenhof for his loan to the monastery. Schalchen and Mitterndorf were subsequently no longer mentioned as jointly managed properties.

Until around 1680, the respective owners of Schalchen were, for the sake of simplicity, given the surname "Schalchner" or "Schallner". This designation has remained in the local vernacular as a name for the estate and the family owning it until this day. The family connection - the uninterrupted succession – of the current proprietors with the erstwhile owners of Schalchen, dates back as far as 1769. Secularization freed the farmers on monastic property from bondage. In 1824 Wolfgang Mayr or Maier (according to the spelling of the local historian StadelHuber) acquired Schalchen for the sum of 750 guilders.

According to a carving found in the attic, the current building at Schalchenhof, was probably built around 1814. Since 1958, Jacob and Justina Strasser have expanded and modified the estate in line with its current usage. The current owner, Justina Juliane Bichler, continues to lovingly operate the inn with her two children, son Siegfried Jacob Rupert and daughter Justina Juliane Sophie Irmengard.

In the winter of 2013 they began to comprehensively renovate the Almrausch rooms and this was followed in the winter of 2014 with the renovation of the rooms with lake view, Chiemseetraum and Bergzauber.

Your Hosts

It began as all happy days do: with love. Justina and Jacob Strasser exchanged vows in 1958 and from then on jointly ran the “Schoinerhof”, which was originally only intended for walkers and travellers. The idyllic house on the shores of Lake Chiemsee was soon filled not only with happy guests but also the laughter of daughter Justina, the current proprietor of the Schalchenhof. In time, Justina also learned the catering trade and took over Landgasthof Schalchenhof as innkeeper in 1999. Working alongside her is her son Jacob, who was born in 1990, as well as her daughter Justina Sophie, who was born 5 years later.

Jacob became Head Chef of The Schalchenhof in 2012, following the completion of his apprenticeship as a chef on Frauenchiemsee and spoils our guests with culinary delights. Daughter Justina Sophie passed her final school exams in 2014 and since then has also worked in the family business. At their side are 15 loyal and friendly staff. Many of them have been part of the Landgasthof Schalchenhof for many years and know exactly what is important.

As hosts with passion they use their success and continually evolve the Schalchenhof, because you have to “use the available time for your guests or time will take your guests”.

In 2013 the Landgasthof Schalchenhof became the talk of the town with the remodelling of the Almrausch room type. Once again, the family-run establishment proved that it was cosmopolitan and innovative, making the well-being of its guests the focus of the business. The renovation phase will continue throughout 2014 but don’t read too much about that, get your own view of the work on our homepage.

The generous renovations to the hotel let you experience once again the unique Schalchenhof home-from-home feeling with all its hospitality and charm, the quality of which never fails to surprise. Experience it for yourself

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