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Hiking – High above the hustle and bustle

Unerringly, you put one foot in front of the other. You have time. Treat yourself to a rendezvous with nature and its treasures. Beautiful hiking trails lead out from Schalchenhof and into a world full of strength and beauty, full of leisure and vitality that also touches you deep inside. Together with our receptionists we will find the right trail for you so you can spend your day as it should be. Explore the themed walks and nature trails, take a break in traditional huts and conquer one of the most beautiful mountains in the Chiemgau.

Pure nature - follow the boss’ tip and explore the area around Weitenmoos. Those who comfortably climb its lofty height get to enjoy the benefits of the Chiemsee Spa Card.

Enjoy EldoRADo Chiemsee, forever - Cycling and E-biking

Everything is exactly as you had imagined: a healthy breakfast, just right for an active day in the Alps. You can pick up the bike trails right at the Schalchenhof and head for the best views and mountain huts. Meter by meter, you can feel yourself get ever closer to the sky, you push yourself on and conquer the mountain on two wheels. Of course, you can also enjoy it all at ground level with a panoramic view of Lake Chiemsee, on the Chiemsee Trail.

If you do not want to take your bike, we have the right bike rental.

Cycle holiday in Schalchenhof


  • Free & secure Bicycle storage
  • Cycle paths and single trails
  • Tour recommendations and route maps available at Reception
  • Start trails on site
  • Rental bicycles delivered directly to the hotel

Golf at Lake Chiemsee - the perfect time in the perfect location

Golf in Bavaria is becoming more and more a beneficial way of life which, due to the proximity to the alpine environment, has a revitalising effect and lets you savour every summer’s day to the full. Enjoy a relaxing round on the greens in the midst of the fabulous Chiemsee panorama. Beautifully maintained and designed, the picturesque golf clubs surrounding Lake Chiemsee demonstrate international flair and impress passionate golfers from around the world. In addition to the golf course at Gut Ising, situated only about 15 km away from Schalchenhof, there is the golf course at Höslwang, where you can experience what demanding pros appreciate: tranquillity, space and hospitality – to end the day on the sun terrace of the Schalchenhof with a glass of Prosecco to toast a successful golf holiday at Lake Chiemsee.

Golf courses in the area:

· Golf Course Ising
· Golf course Höslwang
· Golf Club at Lake Obinger

For younger amateur golfers among us there are crazy golf courses in Seebruck and in Prien am Chiemsee.

Tennis - dream match in the Chiemsee sun

A strong backhand and the perfect serve need practice – whilst enjoying the fantastic panorama all around you. Enjoy active days, full of sport, in the most beautiful region of Lake Chiemsee. Play challenging tournaments, a stimulating double, refine your technique and bring the charm of Wimbledon to us in Bavaria before you sit back and enjoy the fantastic views from the sun terrace.

We will be happy to inform you personally about the tennis lessons in Prien am Chiemsee.

Horse riding - The greatest happiness on earth is sitting in the saddle of a horse.

Beautifully elegant, noble and proud horses fascinate us with their unparalleled grace, their impressive freedom and fidelity that speaks from their eyes. Schalchenhof offers scenic trails waiting to be discovered by you and your children. Take a guided horseback ride through the alpine environment, experience a variety of riding lessons in a group or indulge in private riding lessons in one of the best riding stables on Lake Chiemsee. The towns of Chieming and Pittenhart offer professional riding instructors for beginners and advanced riders alike. Accompanied pony rides for children, introductory courses for the curious and professional riding lessons for experts - the options for your riding holiday are as diverse as they are inviting.

Climbing - Conquer the Heights

Steep cliffs rise abruptly from the green valley. Below the cows graze over meadows and fields. Above you, the adventure of life awaits. Handhold by handhold you get closer to your goal: a wonderful panorama on the easy family-climbing walls, a cliff edge for experienced climbing enthusiasts or a stunning climbing victory on one of the sophisticated E-routes. Climbing in Bavaria offers pure enjoyment of nature for all levels in the company of professional climbing guides from the local mountaineering schools.

The climbing paths in the Chiemgau and Berchtesgaden Alps offer a wide variety of skill levels. From easy to difficult, there is something for everyone. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro looking for new challenges.

There are heights of up to 300 meters to be conquered, as well as experiencing the climbing garden’s Flying Fox passages and the rope garden. Hard-core climbers can also practice bouldering and climbing in Prien, only a few minutes drive from the Schalchenhof. The climbing routes on the Heuberg, in Brünnstein and Grünstein are waiting to be discovered by you. Experience this fascinating sport with all the necessary safety gear, including helmet, chest and hip belt including karabiner hooks, safety ropes and gloves.

Sailing – Experience Pure Freedom

Be impressed by seemingly endless space first thing in the morning, the incredible silence as you tighten the sails. The Chiemsee is not just a lake, it offers so much more.

With the right equipment, the perfect orientation and instruction, the ideal boat and the right wind, nothing can stand in the way of a perfect sailing day. Feel the freedom of the wind through your hair and the feeling of infinity before reminiscing about your day on the terrace at the Schalchenhof.

For those of you who like it fast-paced, there is also Gstadt motor boat rentals, a huge amount of fun for young and old.

Nordic Walking - start under the chestnut tree

...just follow your nose past the hustle and bustle towards Lake Chiemsee.

Brisk walking through the vast meadows with their flocks of sheep or along the sunny shores of Lake Chiemsee. Explore a piece of pristine Bavarian forest. Roam over dams and through forests, in harmony with nature. The bird sanctuary is home to more than a dozen species of ducks, rare animals and plants. There are plenty of opportunities for resting a while and taking in the fabulous views.

Take a stroll, fill your lungs with fresh air and leave the everyday stress behind.

The correct walking pace means that everyone can still talk and smile - so it’s ideal for a sporty hike in a group. Every week the borough of Gstadt offers Nordic Walking tours for beginners and advanced walkers, accompanied by a certified Nordic Walker. The walkers are happy to offer tips and demonstrate the correct techniques and movements.

Fun Sport - Activities for young and old

More and more the Alps are turning into a magnificent world of fun and activity. The sheer power of the elements is visible and impressive here like no other place on Earth. Adventurers plunge through the gorges whilst canyoning, rafters conquer the wild waters and even the steepest walls, trails, rock climbing routes and rope gardens are conquered. Experience the freedom of a proud eagle in a tandem jump and enjoy the breath-taking change of perspective. But the quiet pleasures are celebrated with joy: We know the best places to stalk game, and the best fishing spots. Your adventure holiday in Schalchenhof is as versatile as your interests.

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