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Data Protection

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Name: Justina Bichler
Phone: +49 8054 230
E-Mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Company Designation: Landgasthof Schalchenhof

Contact data protection officer:
Name: Justina Bichler
Phone: +49 8054 230
E-Mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Company Designation: Landgasthof Schalchenhof

Data privacy statement

You will receive as a user our website in this privacy statement all the necessary information about how, to what extent as well as to what purpose we or third party data from you collect and these are using. The collection and use of your data is strictly in accordance with the requirements of the federal (bdsg) and the telemediengesetzes (TMG). We feel the confidentiality of your personal data especially committed and work therefore strictly within the limits the statutory requirements US set. The survey this personal data is voluntary when US that is possible. Also we give this data only with your Express consent to third parties on. We provide at especially confidential data as in payment or with regard to your inquiry to US by use of an SSL encryption for high security. We would like it but at this point not miss, on the general dangers Internet use should be pointed out on which we have no influence whatsoever. Especially in the email traffic are your data without further steps not sure and can possibly by third parties be detected.

Information, deleting, blocking

You will receive at any time free of charge information about the US stored personal data about your person as well as to the origin, the receiver and the purpose of data collection and data processing. In addition, do you have the right to the correction, the blocking or deletion your data to demand. The exception of them are data downloaded by regulatory stored or to the proper business transaction needed. So that a datensperre at any time can be realized, be data to control proposes in a log file kept. Data is not of a legal archiving duty recognized delete we your data on your desired. Engages the archiving duty, block we your data. For all questions and concerns correcting, blocking or deletion of personal data, please contact our data protection under the contact information in this privacy policy or to the in the imprint called address.


We use on our website cookies. These small text files are from our server on your PC stored. You support the representation of our website and will help you, on our website to move. Cookies capture data to your IP address, to your browser, your operating system and your Internet connection. This information connect we do not with personal data and do not give to third parties on. Under no circumstances will cookies from US used, schad- or spionageprogramme on your computer to bring. You can our website even without the use of cookies use so maybe some representations and functions of our offer only limited to work. If you are the cookies want to disable, you can use the about special your browser settings reach. Please use the auxiliary function to the corresponding make changes to be able to. Online ad cookies, you can have any of these links manage: for the USA for Europe

Provision cost

Provision cost: services you should on our website offered fee-services and services want to use, we need to billing proposes and for security reasons may further information from you raise. Regularly it goes here to your name, a valid email address and may also your address and your phone number and depending on the individual case for more information. It can also to content go, the US a review of the data given allow such as your ownership with respect to the specified email address. We need to the site ensure that the offered services actually want to receive, and we will the performance properly charge can. We work in the payments to secure your data with the encryption SSL, be seen at the browserzeile "HTTPS: //".

Survey of access data

Delivery and representation of the content on our website requires technically the acquisition of certain data. With your access to our website, these so-called server log files by US or the provider of the webspace recorded. This logfiles do not allow the conclusion on you and your person. The corresponding information consist of the name of the website, the file, the current date, the amount of data, the webrowser and his version, the used operating system, the domain name of your Internet-provider, the referrer URL than those page from which to check out our page changed are, as well as the corresponding IP address. We use this data representation and delivery of our content as well as to statistical purposes. The information support deployment and continuous improvement of our offer. Also we Reserve the right to pre-the-mentioned data subsequently to check if the suspicion of an illegal use of our offer exist.

Content and services third-party

The available on our website captured may also content, services and services from other providers who we propose complement. Examples of such offers are cards from Google maps, YouTube videos or graphic representation of third party. The call of these services from third party page requires a regular basis the transmission of your IP address. Thus, it is these vendors possible to your user IP address perceive and this also to save. We strive very, only such third parties involved, the IP addresses alone for the delivery of the content of use. We have here, However, no effect on the fact which third party may the IP address stores. This store can for example, statistical purposes. We should of store operations by third party become aware ways we our users immediately on this fact the way. Please note in this context, the special privacy statements to individual third-party and service providers, whose service we on our website use. You can be found also in this privacy policy.


You can on our website for the relation of our newsletter sign up. We need for your email address. In addition, we need to promulgated corresponding legal requirements consider whether you are in fact, owner of the specified email address are and the newsletter wish to receive. We collect therefore information that such a review possible to make. In this context data collected serve the shipping and receipt of the newsletters. You have any other purpose and will not to third parties. There are except for the newsletter you need to know no further information on our part applicable. Because the sending out newsletters and arriving of newsletters of your consent dependent on is, you can use this consent to the survey and storing your data at any time without giving a reason revoked. Use to do so, the "sign out-link", which in newsletter is provided.

Personal data

Personal data we charge as part of data avoidance and data thrift only in the extent and as long as it to use our website is necessary or by the Legislature is prescribed. We take the privacy of your personal information Ernst and keep US on survey and processing of personal data strictly to the relevant laws and to this privacy policy. Falls the purpose of data collection way or is the end of the legal save time reached, the data collected locked or deleted. Regularly can our website without sharing personal data can be used. If we personal data collection - about your name, your address or your email address - is this data collection voluntarily. Without a expressly granted permission from your page are these data third not brought to the attention. Please note that data on the Internet generally not always safely be transferred. Especially in the email traffic can protection when data Exchange not be guaranteed.

Server Logfiles

At the server log files it is anonymized data that your access to our website be detected. This information allow any conclusions on you in person, but are for technical reasons for the delivery and representation of our content indispensable. Continue to serve you our statistics and the permanent optimization of our content. Typical log files are the date and time access, the amount of data that is to access used browser and his version, which is used operating system, the domain name of the of them representative provider that page, from which you to our offer come (referrer URL) and your IP address. Log files enable also an exact test on suspicion of an illegal use our website.

SSL encryption

Our website uses an SSL encryption, when it comes to the transmission of confidential or personal content of our users goes. This verschlüsslung is, for example, when handling payments as well as for inquiries activated that you to US through our website make. Please ensure that the SSL encryption at corresponding activities on your side is enabled. The use of the encryption is easy to realize: ads in your browserzeile changes of "http: //" to "HTTPS: //". Over SSL encrypted data are not by third parties to read. Submit your confidential information only activated with SSL encryption and contact your in doubt to US.

Contradiction promotional emails

As part of the legal the obligation of imprint we need to our contact details publish. These are by third parties persons in part to sending not desired advertising and information used. We contradict hereby any of US not expressly authorized sending promotional material of all kinds. We Reserve Furthermore expressly legal action against the unwanted and unsolicited sending of promotional material before. This is especially true for so-called spam emails, spam letters and spam faxes. We point out that the unauthorized transmission of promotional material both competition, civil and criminal matters can touch. Specially spam emails and spam faxes be able to high damages lead, if you the business operations by overfilling of mailboxes or fax machines disturb.

Encrypted payments

We secure your data payment. Therefore takes advantage of our site for security reasons and to protect your confidential and personal contents in transferring payment an SSL encryption. You itself can determine whether the SSL encryption is enabled or not. You acknowledge the use of the encryption at the address bar of your browser. Only if the regular displaying "http: //" to "HTTPS: //" changes, the data transmission encrypted. The browserzeile "HTTPS: //" shows the use of the SSL encryption to, the payment is carried out now be encrypted. With the activation of the SSL encryption is it third impossible to your confidential data mitzulesen. Transfer your data therefore only activated with SSL encryption.

Facebook Plugin

You can be found on our website plugins of the social network Facebook. The provider is the Facebook Inc. it is located in the United States, California 94025, 1 hacker way, Menlo Park. The Facebook logo or the "like button" ("I like" button) on our site characterize the Facebook plugins for you recognizable. Note also the overview on Facebook plugins on From your visit our website, we about the plugin directly a connection with the Facebook server ago. You are then about your browser there switched. For Facebook is so that the information connected that our website with your IP address have visited. By clicking on the Facebook "like button" link content our website with your profile on Facebook. For Facebook, the visiting our site your account assignable. Here we don't have any knowledge about what kind of the contents are, which is transmitted to Facebook are and how Facebook these uses. Get more detailed information about the data collection and data usage in the Facebook privacy policy that you under can be found. You can use the assignment of your visit on our site with your Facebook profile stop by simply previously from your Facebook account log out.

Use of Google AdSense

We bind on our website ads by Google AdSense a. At Google AdSense it is a remarketing function of Google Inc. she makes it possible visitors our pages coordinated, interessenbezogene advertisements to offer. Here are cookies used. This on your computer stored text files generate information you provide as visitors again recognizable make by about your IP address is identified. Also find also Web beacons application. These are invisible graphics with which the stream of visitors on a Web page is analyzed. All information referred sent Google of its servers in the United States. Google denied in this context, the storage of personal data and the merging the IP addresses with other Google services. Google Inc. is not prevented from that information to redistribute. You have the opportunity to this remarketing function to stop. The necessary settings can you on the following website perform: About the page prevent you already storing the cookies. The same result can be reached over corresponding settings in your browser that you about its help function are explained. Without cookies are representation and function of our website may be limited. With the use of our Web offer, you consent to regularly agree that Google the designated data in remarketing in the above-described in detail way rises and processed.

Google AdWords

We use on our website with Google AdWords an online werbeprogramm of Google Inc. this is also the conversion tracking used. With this tool uses Google AdWords a cookie on your PC, if you have a Google advertise on our website come. The cookie has after 30 days no validity more. It serves no personal traceability. Visit as a user our website and the cookie works still, it is for US together with Google be seen that you on the corresponding display have clicked and to our site forwarded were. There is any Google AdWords customers another cookie assigned. Cookies are so do not have the websites of AdWords customers nachverfolgbar. With the by conversion cookies obtained data conversion statistics for AdWords customers created. We as customers find so the total number of users who on our ads reacts have and then to a Web page passed were Associated with a conversion tracking day was provided. We receive in this process no information with which we you as a user personally identify could. If you the tracking procedure reject, can be the cookie of the Google conversion tracking on your Web browser disable. Take advantage of where appropriate help function of the browser for more information. For further information to the privacy policy by Google find out under

Use of Google analytics

We use on our website the Web analytics service provided Google analytics of Google Inc. this sets cookies a. This is to text files that are by storing on your PC an analysis to your user behavior in relation to our website permit. The cookies generate information that to a Google server be transferred. This server are as a rule in the United States, follow but agreement to the use of the European economic area and shorten your IP address before transmission in the United States. Only in exceptional cases, the IP address only after submission to the USA reduced. Google evaluates the information provided and renders in this context more services for US webseitenbetreiber. This will be determined IP address is not with other Google services together. Over a change your browser settings you can storing cookie on your computer to stop. This allows However presentation and functional when using our website be connected. A browser plugin prevents in addition, the collection and use of the cookies generated data. You can use it with the following link download: learn more about the policy of Google and Google analytics under: or under

Google Analytics Remarketing

We put on our website remarketing function of Google Inc. a. This function we present together with Google our visitors adapted and interessenbezogene advertisements. This will be on your computer cookies set. These are text files, the user when calling pages recognize and so a interessengerechte advertising throughout the Google network possible to make. Google denied in this context, the survey of personal data and represents after own data also no links with other Google services ago. You can remarketing function of Google stop by selecting appropriate settings under perform. Continue can be the use of cookies about or through altered settings in your browser disable. Use if necessary, whose help function. Details for Google remarketing and the general privacy policy by Google find out under:

Google Maps Plugin

We put on our website a plugin of the Internet service Google maps a. Operator of Google maps is Google Inc., located in the United States, approx 94043, 1600 amphitheater Parkway, Mountain view. By Google maps on our website use be information on the use of this website and your IP address to a Google servers in the United States transmitted and also on this server stored. We have no knowledge about the exact content of the data transmitted, even more about your use through Google. The company denied in this context the connection of the data with information from other Google services and the acquisition of personal data. However, Google the information to third parties provide. If you have JavaScript in your browser disable prevent the execution of Google maps. You can then but also no map on our website use. With the use our site you agree with the described capture and processing of the information through Google Inc .. more detailed information to the privacy policy and terms of use for Google maps find out here:

Google+ Plugin

We use on our website functions of google+. The social network is supported by the Google Inc. offered, which in the United States, approx 94043, 1600 amphitheater Parkway, Mountain view is established. Google+ allows you to global publication of content about his button. You are in addition, personalized content of Google and partneranbietern offered. Google saves your rating (+1) to content and information of websites that you when assigning +1 clicked have. To write a +1 can with your profile name and your Photo in other Google services be displayed. Google captures a total of your 1+ activities. This collection is used to optimization and personalization of the Google offer for you. Use the google+ platform create under one of them chosen name a global visible profile. The selected name is even with the other Google services application. Who your email address knows, can so to your google+ profile reach. Google used the data collected as part of its privacy policy, among other things to create of statistics that are summarized in partners parties or otherwise be used. Details for the use of data and privacy policy can under be viewed. Under the link can be found also notes on individual setting of data protection on google+.

Use of hotjar our website uses hotjar

With this name will be an analysis software the hotjar Ltd. referred to. You can reach the Web site related The seat of the company is 3 Lyons range- 20 bisazza street- Sliema SLM 1640 in Malta. The software allows US, the usage of our visitors to analyze by approximately clicks, mouse movements and similar on our website measured and be evaluated. Here are the information that a tracking code and cookies detect to the hotjar server transmitted. At this information is mainly gerätebezogene data such as the IP address of your device and your email address with your first and last name, provided US this information is provided have. Also the screen size of your device, the device type and browserinformationen as type and version, your geographical position and their preferred language be recorded. Typical logfile data such as the domain, visited pages as well as zugriffsdatum and access time be about hotjar also included. The software uses these data for the evaluation and takes it may be more services third-party like Google analytics and other in claim. Also this service providers can corresponding user data processing and save. With the use of our website, you agree to the use of hotjar to. About the link allows you to the collection and use of your data by hotjar prevent. Note also the separate privacy statements of other service provider, such as Google analytics in this privacy policy.

Instagram Plugin

We bind on our website also functions of the online service Instagram a. Provider of these functions is the Instagram Inc. it is located in the United States, approx 94025, 1601 Willow road, Menlo Park. The Instagram button allows you for visiting our pages a linking with your Instagram account, provided you with Instagram are logged in. Instagram gets so the information about your visit our website and can know about this visit your Instagram profile assign. We have here neither from the contents of the information provided, nor of their use by Instagram knowledge. You find more information on data collection and data usage by Instagram in the Instagram-privacy policy under

Twitter Plugin

We use on our website also functions of the mikrobloggingdienstes Twitter. Operator of Twitter is Twitter Inc. the American company is located in the United States, San Francisco, CA. 94103, 1355 market St, suite 900. main function of Twitter is the "tweet function". Take advantage of this about our website, is a link to your Twitter account instead. It may be for data Exchange with other users come and transferring data on Twitter. We get any knowledge of the content of the on Twitter data sent, nor are about their use informed. Inform yourself to these questions under There you will find the detailed privacy policy by Twitter. Continue to offer you the platform the opportunity to about Your privacy settings itself to make.


We use on our website functions of Xing, a network, the particular professional contacts of its members promote want. Provider this network is the Xing Ltd.. It is located in the dammtorstraße 29-32 in 20354 Hamburg. Is one of our pages retrieved, the Xing-functions which arises connect to Xing servers. We have no knowledge about that Xing personal data stores. Xing evaluates to our knowledge no IP addresses from, and save this also not. If you for more information on Xing privacy policy would like to receive, you can use the Xing privacy policy with the link. abrufen. There learn also more about Xing-share button.

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